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Can I pay using a Debit / Credit card ?

Yes! All price are USD. We use Stripe as our secure payment gateway for processing debit/credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, Apple Pay, and American Express are all accepted payment methods.


How do I download my files ?

After checkout, You will be automatically emailed a secure link to download your purchased files. Please check your email after you purchase.Β 

Please note that this is a digital product and no physical product will be shipped.

I have not received download link, what should I do ?

Please doubl-check your email inbox, spam/junk folder for the download link email. This email comes from the following address and

If you still don't see it, Please use Contact form with your email that used to place the order and we will manually send you your download link.

Please note that we are not responsible for any digital downloads that are not sent due to incorrect email addresses.

Can I cancel or change my order ?

Once a product has been placed and downloaded, no right of changes or cancelations.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read all associated details and asked questions, if there are any, prior to purchase.

Refunds/returns/exchanges are also not permitted.
Read full refund policy here.


Can I refund / return / exchange the products ?

Unfortunately, Due to the nature of digital products, All product purchased are final and NOT ELIGIBLE for refunds/returns/exchanges.

Thank you for understanding. Read full refund policy here.



Compatible with Apple
Our digital products compatible with apple devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook). The products were designed and tested on iPad in GoodNotes5 app.

Suggestion apps for Apple Devices
- GoodNotes 5 (Recommended)
- Notability
- Colla Note

Compatible with Android
Many people use digital planner on andriod devices. Digital planners are interactive PDF files which require a compatible note-taking app to be able to use hyperlinks, add stickers, write/type on it.

Suggestion apps for Android
- Noteshelf
- Xodo

Not Compatible with Windows
Unfortunately, Windows computer or tablet does not offer the best digital planning experience and you’re likely to encounter complications with the software.

Not Compatible with OneNote or Evernote.

Do these products sync with other calendars or productivity apps ?

No, these products won’t sync to any calendar or productivity apps. The digital planners are similar to paper planners which are PDF files that you import into note-taking app. The app allows you to click the tab, add notes, texts, images and stickers. So, any content you add to the page is static and does not sync to other calendars or apps.


Importing issue

Ensure you are following the instruction that included with your purchase and importing the correct files.
NOTES : ZIP file need to be unzipped before importing into the app.

If you are receiving an import error, try importing the file directly from the app. Force close the app by swiping up on the multitasking view. Reopen the app and try to import the file again.

If you’re experiencing any issues, visit App Store directly and see if the app is updated to the latest version.

If you are still experiencing the issues, please contact us. Well try our best to help you.

Hyperlinks are not working, are they broken ?

For the hyperlinks to work on GoodNotes, please ensure the β€œRead-Only Mode” icon is selected. Learn more about hyperlinked tabs here.

1. Tap the Read-Only Mode icon at the Nav Bar to active the hyperlink feature.

2. The Nav Bar will turn white and all hyperlinks are active.

Lagging/Loading issues

This is often an issue beyond our control. As all of our products have been tested and used before launch, you should not experience any lags, loads slowly, or has blank pages. However, owning multiple files within your app or adding ton of digital stickers and images in your planner or notebook, this can run down the program and causing the issues. Please be mindful of what you include in your planners and notebooks.

If you’re experiencing any issues, it’s also a good idea to visit App Store directly and see if you can tap Update to get the latest version of the app that you are using, which might have already fixed the issues.

Can I re-sell your products?

Absolutely not. These products are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Do not purchase them to use for commercial purposes. You may not resell, recreate, redistribute, or reproduce. By purchasing this product, you agree to ourΒ policies. Read full policy here.

If you see someone else selling our products, please contact us at

When will I get a response to my message ?

Please note the timezone differences and expect some delay. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

We appreciate your patience!

If you have any questions or need help, please send us a message below

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