How to Navigate using Hyperlinks in GoodNotes

Hyperlinked Tabs


  1. Tap the Read-Only Mode icon at the Nav Bar to active the hyperlink feature.
  2. The Nav Bar will turn white and all hyperlinks are active.

(Notes : You can find out whether you are in the Read-Only or Editing Mode by viewing the pencil icon 
in the Nav Bar. If the icon is circled and the Nav Bar is turned white, you are in the Read-Only Mode. Once you tap the icon again, it will enter the Editing Mode, the pencil will be crossed out and brought down the Tool Bar.)



  1. Finger press on the hyperlinked tab, a pop-up menu will appear.
  2. Tap “Open Link” to navigate to the page.

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Hello! When I delete some pages of the planner like past daily Pages so avoid changing through 3 months to my current date, the hyperlink in the menu doesnt work anymore, how can i fix this?


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