Free March 2023 Wallpapers

Free March 2023 Wallpapers

Haus of Planner now offer free tech wallpaper every monthTap the link below to download now! 💗

Don't forget to tag @hausofplanner when sharing yours, so we can repost on our Instagram story.

Download Now (Google Drive) - New square design, fits all devices & screen sizes.

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LOVE! So pretty! Love the variety in photos and the fact they work on different devices! SO smart! Just wish the month started on Sunday like a normal calendar…

Zoë Marie

Thank you!!


I was wainting impatiently for these wallpapers! They seemed gorgeaus but when I actually put them on my laptop as background they look blurry and in general don’t look very good, don’t know if is the new square format or what.
The cloud one is the only one that worked, and I love it so still good! Thanks for this monthly present.




How do I download iPhone wallpaper


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