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12 Subject Digital Notebooks | Landscape | 5 Neutral Colors

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Our digital notebooks are designed to inspire and be a notebook that can be used everyday for journaling, reflecting, note-taking, and more.


The digital notebooks in landscape orientation come in 5 neutral color options with 12 sections and 35 paper templates, simply paste the templates after the sections as many pages as you want. Easily jump through each section with hyperlinked tabs.


- 12 Notebook section dividers.
- Dashboard page links to 12 notebook sections with quick link to template page.
- Templates page links to 35 paper types with quick link to dashboard.

Paper Templates
Lined paper templates
- Lined
- Lined cornell
- Lined column left
- Lined column right
- Lined 2 column
- Lined + plain cornell
- Lined + plain column left
- Lined + plain column right
- Left half plain ,right half lined
- Left half lined ,right half plain

Squared paper templates
- Squared
- Squared cornell
- Squared column left
- Squared column right
- Squared 2 column
- Squared + plain cornell
- Squared + plain column left
- Squared + plain column right
- Left half plain ,right half squared
- Left half squared ,right half plain

Dotted paper templates
- Dotted
- Dotted cornell
- Dotted column left
- Dotted column right
- Dotted 2 column
- Dotted + plain cornell
- Dotted + plain column left
- Dotted + plain column right
- Left half plain ,right half dotted
- Left half dotted ,right half plain

Plain paper templates
- Plain
- Plain cornell
- Plain column left
- Plain column right
- Plain 2 column


- Notebook covers.
- Cover digital stickers. Come in both Individual .PNG & Elements .collection for Goodnotes.
- Matching shortcut icons for iPad.

What's included

(1) PDF Download Dashboard file containing the following downloads :
Digital notebooks
(5) Landscape notebooks in neutral colors (beige, nude, cocoa, light, & black)
(14) Notebook covers
(39) Cover stickers in Individual .PNG
(1) Cover stickers in elements .collection for Goodnotes
(14) Notebook icons for Shortcuts
(1) Installation guide

How to use

Installation guide is included.

This product requires a compatible note-taking app such as Goodnotes app (Recommended), Notability, etc. which is not included with the purchase.


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